Hurricane vs. House

December 30, 2012  |  Environment

Natural disasters swept through North America each year costing an average of more than $34 billion. One of the most dangerous of these catastrophes is the hurricane.

Hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th for many on the eastern side of the continent. There is on average of 5-6 hurricanes per season. The large amounts of rainfall and wind can contribute to destruction and devastation on a massive scale.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed 275,000 homes in the Louisiana area while Hurricane Sandy demolished 385,000 homes in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. Now with their homes demolished, eastern United States residents are looking to rebuild. The need for sturdy and sustainable materials is one of the most important ingredients to ensure homes will be able to withstand Mother Nature for years to come.

Building an invincible home is no easy task when up against the high winds of a hurricane. However, there are tips and ways to create the safest home possible. Starting off with a steal infrastructure can make a home strong and durable against hurricane winds. The addition of durable siding and an asphalt roof allows the home to repel large amounts of rainfall.

To learn more about natural disaster’s effects on our region and Blu Homes‘ offer to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, check out the infographic below.

Hurricane Vs. House

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