Gun Crime & Ownership

April 13, 2013  |  Educational

Many people across the globe own a firearm. Some individuals believe that gun ownership leads to higher rates of gun crimes but is this really true? A majority of people who own guns do so for sport or personal protection. In the United States, about one out of three or 33% of citizens own a gun. Men make up 46% of gun owners and women are at approximately half of that rate at 23%.

Fear is often the reason why a person purchases a gun. The mere presence of a weapon evokes fear in perpetrators and can give individuals a sense of security when they are on the go or at home and are confronted during an attack.

A majority of those who own guns are mature and are at least 35 to 54 years of age so they have the level of responsibility that is required to secure and safely use a firearm. Most people lock up their guns and know that the misuse of a weapon can have fatal consequences.

The United States may have many gun owners but this has also helped make a dent in the crime rate. Violent crime is down by 65% and the U.S. ranks 24th for the highest murder rate in the world. One downside to the increase in gun ownership is that the suicide rate has increased. Since 2010, 19,392 suicides involving a gun have been reported.

Concealed weapons permits are required for someone to have a gun on them when they walk around in public. Some states such as Illinois, New York, and New Jersey have very restrictive laws regarding the issuance of concealed weapons permits.

Many in the public fear that these permits could become a public safety hazard because they could lead to an increase in crime. Globally gun bans have not been very successful at helping to curb homicide rates. The U.K. issued a ban in 1997 and its homicide rate has increased to 15% so even banning guns will never make people 100% safe.


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