12 Ways to Christmas in July With Artificial Christmas Trees

July 30, 2013  |  Home, How Tos  |  No Comments

Have you ever wanted to have xmas in July or even year around? Its easy you just get an artificial tree and it will never go bad. And you can do things around the house that can look fine year around. You can deck the yard with colorful lights so you can party year around so its never dark and when christmas rolls around it can act light christmas lights. Read More

Home Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Common Home Problems

November 11, 2012  |  Educational, Home  |  No Comments

Your home, like your car, needs regular maintenance to avoid costly problems and even just to keep it safe for everyday living. The following infographic points out some major problems around the house, of which, you should be aware. These tips can help you stay ahead of common potential problems.
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