10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

August 10, 2013  |  Health  |  No Comments

The infographic “Ten Methods for Successful Weight-loss” is a superb teaching tool. A poster for complete wellness, it enumerates the primary actions for self-development and individual improvement. The steps could possibly be obvious such as having healthier, getting more regular sleep, or involving in just a little treat occasionally to help you will-power while dieting; but in simple chart form, they jump out as the often-forgotten list of necessary procedures. Read More

The Nuclear Arms Race Between USA and USSR

August 3, 2013  |  World  |  No Comments

Infographic about cold war and why cold war happened. It was the main issue in the Cold War when both America and Russia challenging each other to increase their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. This infographic is produced by WatchTheAmericans.com a Fan Website. Read More

12 Ways to Christmas in July With Artificial Christmas Trees

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Have you ever wanted to have xmas in July or even year around? Its easy you just get an artificial tree and it will never go bad. And you can do things around the house that can look fine year around. You can deck the yard with colorful lights so you can party year around so its never dark and when christmas rolls around it can act light christmas lights. Read More

Gun Crime & Ownership

April 13, 2013  |  Educational  |  No Comments

Many people across the globe own a firearm. Some individuals believe that gun ownership leads to higher rates of gun crimes but is this really true? A majority of people who own guns do so for sport or personal protection. In the United States, about one out of three or 33% of citizens own a gun. Men make up 46% of gun owners and women are at approximately half of that rate at 23%. Read More

The Road to a Successful Business Career

March 15, 2013  |  Business, Educational  |  No Comments

The most sought-after degree today has grads landing their first jobs within six months of graduating. Business degrees make up 22 percent of the 1,650,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2009-2010. This is over two times as many degrees as the second most sought-after field. Read More

America’s Cancer Cluster: Does where you live matter?

January 19, 2013  |  Health  |  No Comments

Cancer is, perhaps, the most prominent and feared disease in our society.  Most, if not all of us, can name at least 2 people we know who have or have had cancer at some point. Read More

Where Infographics Can often go Wrong

January 10, 2013  |  Educational  |  No Comments

It has long been said that a picture tells a thousand words. Actually, rough estimates place this at a far higher ratio, with no end to what can be conveyed visually in a fraction of the time it would take to write the same information.
Read More

The Great STD Heat Map of America

January 7, 2013  |  Health  |  No Comments

People often travel to New York to experience the city’s museums, theaters, nightlife, and world class dining and shopping opportunities. People love traveling to California to enjoy beautiful beaches, fun in the sun, and warm weather. People also travel throughout America looking for personal pleasure of the sexual variety. Is it really a good idea, however, to travel to the South for sex? Let’s explore the regional prevalence of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS in the U.S. Read More